Founded in 2013, we offer various services relating to NDT. We are reliable, punctual, work quickly and effectively, and offer our customers a 24-hour service from Mon – Sun.

We have installed a special hotline for you, which allows us to always be available in case of emergency:

+49 (0) 8071 922 1585

Consistently delivering top quality is important, and it is something that we make sure to provide. We only deploy our own staff, our testers have at least a Level ll certificate, and it goes without saying that in our company additional annual training and upskilling takes place.

Mobile Testing on Site

Our operational area extends over the southern part of Germany. We have 4 operational teams that all have excellently equipped lab vehicles at their disposal, as well as another vehicle which is specifically used for UT/MT/PT/VT/HAT-tests.

For all radiographic testing, we provide you with several isotope radiation options. Mainly SE 75, as well as IR 192 for greater wall thickness. For very detailed imaging we have 2 X-ray tubes with 1 mm and 3 mm focus respectively.

Mobile Baustellenauswertung von ZFP München

For radiographic testing or X-ray imaging, we can provide you with either film or imaging plates (CR).

For images captured on film, we have a film processor in all vehicles. Developing the film is a fully automated process, you consistently get the best quality, and we provide you with the results within minutes. Aufnahmen mit

Images captured on CR imaging plates can be displayed on screen after only about 30 seconds. Furthermore, these data files can be sent via email from the construction site.

In the area of ultrasound, we offer you welding seam inspection with digital UT units, as well as phased array instruments. Furthermore, we can perform tests on fibre composite material, as well as carry out lamination inspections on sheet metals and pipes, as well as wall thickness measurements.

Surface crack testing by means of dye penetrant and magnetic particle testing, e.g. as a secondary inspection of gas lines, of tanks, containers, or fixtures. Of course, everything is mobile.

Chain inspection

We have a chain inspection system. With this mobile magnetization equipment, chains can be screened for any cracks in a very short amount of time. We use it to inspect towing chains of, for instance, the fire brigade, companies that specialize in mobile- and construction cranes, the forest industry and the agricultural sector, and to examine various other chains, e.g. tie-down chains, hoisting chains, etc., all of which need to be inspected at least once a year for possible cracks.

Specialized test procedures

These include hardness testing and replica testing. For both testing procedures, we have specially trained personnel, as well as the appropriate high-quality equipment.

Testing in our laboratory

Generally speaking, all testing procedures can also be carried out in our laboratory. You can bring us the components or you can make use of our pick-up and delivery service. A forklift (max. weight 2.5t) is available for loading and unloading.

ZFP München zerstörungsfreie Werkstoffprüfung GmbH Slider Intro

Amongst the various options for radiographic testing at our disposal, we also have access to Bavaria’s largest X-ray vault according to RÖV and StrlSchV regulations for service providers. The vault is designed for working in a speedy and secure manner. Our X-ray vault has an area of 43 m², its door opens and closes within 10 seconds, and it is accessible to a forklift. This way, mesh stillages can be quickly and effectively brought in and out of the vault. Components up to a length of 5 meters fit comfortably. Maximum component height is 2.5 m.

ZFP Bunker Eingang mit Gabelstabler

For the magnetic particle testing, we now have a test bank at our disposal. It is ideally suited to, for example, mass-produced items or bigger components. Items of up to 105cm can be fixed and checked speedily here.

ZFP fluoreszierendes Tauchbecken im Format: 1130 x 725 x 690 (Innenmaß)

For the dye penetrant testing of, for example, mass-produced parts, we have a fluorescing dip tank measuring 1130 x 725 x 690 (inner measurements) at our disposal.

Of course, all other testing procedures can also be carried out here in the laboratory. 

In General

  • Testing on location will be completed even if it happens to take a little longer!
  • Appointments can be arranged directly with the inspector at the construction site!
  • For public utilities, power plants, etc., we can arrange on-call services 
  • Construction site analysis on location, at no extra cost.
  • On demand, we will provide you with each test report in PDF format at no extra cost, from the construction site.

We are also happy to do your testing activities for you, competently and reliably.