Radiography Film & Digital

When dealing with the tiniest mistakes in best quality, radiography is the right thing. As with gammagraphy, you can see any pores, cracks, weld slag, adhesion faults, poor restarts, and much more. X-ray tubes are used with, for example, various containers, fittings, and mass-produced parts. For determining the right exposure time, information about the kV, mA, distance, and thickness of the material. This inspection method is very reliable and offers the best quality.



For digital radiography, so-called imaging plates are used. They fulfil the same function as a film, however, the data is read out and subsequently appears on a screen.

Evaluation is done on the screen. The data is saved in the DICONDE format. As usual, you will receive an inspection report.

The inspection is carried out according to DIN EN ISO 17636-2 (digital). Naturally, the master data is tamper-proof and cannot be changed via photoshop, etc. Compressed files can easily be sent via email.

The advantage of this is obvious. Images can be viewed at any time or place with the applicable software (which we provide you with), they can be forwarded, integrated into the project, and be stored perfectly and with minimal use of storage capacity. Furthermore, it is possible to find any data (images) very quickly.

The wire type IQI, as well as image quality indicators are present on each image and documented accordingly.


As with the gammagraphic examination of pipes, it is very important to use the right film. We have various quality films from brands such as Fuji and AGFA, all vacuum-packed. We also offer you these with lead foil of varying thickness (0.027 and 0.1mm). The image quality indicators, which is applied either further away or closer to the film, shows the image quality of the film. These are available for various metals and with wire types of different thicknesses. The testing instruction and, of course, the applicable norm indicates which wire type should be showing.


ur mobile lab vehicles are fully equipped. All our vehicles are equipped with fully automatic film processing or a CR scanner. This means that you are always provided with optimum quality. Results are already available after 8 minutes with the film processing. With CR this already happens after ca. 30 seconds!

On demand, we offer on-site evaluations at the construction site. For the evaluation of the film we employ LED film viewers. Densitometer. For CR we have special laptops with high-resolution displays.

Logging is done with a laptop and printer and the results are provided directly afterwards. If desired, we will send you the protocols and data directly from the construction site as a data file.

Radiographie Werkstoffprüfung
RT Radiographie


With radiography, a radiographic testing method using X-rays (tube), a diversity of components are inspected. Compared to the gamma emitters, the X-ray tube offers an even better image. Naturally, our X-ray tubes are also mobile.