The visual inspection (visual control/VT) often already provides Information about the surface condition. Material flaws, such as cracks, fractures, incompletely filled grooves, welding spatter, etc. can partly be detected visually. A VT-Inspection can be performed on welding seams, system components, e.g. rails, as well as on containers.
All of our testers have obtained a Level ll qualification, and operate according to international guidelines.

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Endoscopic Test

For the inspection of pipes from the inside, e.g. in power plants, the appropriate equipment is needed: For this we use flexible endoscopes, with which we can advance up to 8 metres into the structure.
Together with viZaar, our collaboration partner, we can cover even greater distances, e.g. up to 70 metres. This includes the retrieval of parts in turbines.


A new addition is the flying of drones into smokestacks and inner walls of boilers./vc_column_text]