Our x-ray vault is approved in accordance with RöV (X-ray regulation) and StrSchV (radiation protection ordinance). The entrance size is 230 cm x 250 cm. It can be accessed with a forklift truck and has a total surface area of ca. 43 m2.

We can carry out radiographic procedures with the tube and with the isotope Selenium-75. Our vault is optimized to quickly modify the components that are to be examined.

Images can be captured both digitally or on film!

ZFP: Bunker Eingang
ZFP Bunker-Steuerung

The components that are to be tested can be stored in our warehouse until time of inspection, and afterwards, until time of collection. The maximum length for the components that are to be tested is 5 m! Their maximum height is 2.5 m!

We can load and unload components weighing up to 2.5 tons.