Safety is always our top priority. This applies to radiation protection, personal protective gear, equipment in the vehicles, such as tested and certified ladders, cables, etc., applicable training, such as First Aid, correctly operating the lifting platform, fall protection, etc.

Primary Objective: Accidents must be avoided!


We take a very careful approach to radiation. We always inform the competent authorities of any relevant activities. All of our vehicles contain radiometers, barrier tape, signposts with relevant labelling, warning lamps, as well as black-and-yellow adhesive labels. We also carry lead plates as protective shields. It goes without saying, that we announce our activities to the plant control station, the site manager, or to factory security. During every radiographic test, our parameters are scrutinized carefully.
Radiation protection supervisors or officers are always present to ensure your safety, as well as ours.

Absperrung Strahlenschutz


All of our staff members have their own personal protective equipment. For facilities where flame retardant clothing is required, we provide the appropriate overalls. When working at certain heights (scaffolding, lifting platform, etc.) specific harnesses are used for securing.

Sicherer Werkstoffprüfung


We always carry out risk assessments for construction and assembly sites. A special risk assessment for the respective operational site can be issued upon request.


Our vehicles comply with ADR regulations for the transport of radioactive material (class 7) and hazardous substances in small quantities. This is being monitored and controlled by an external risk prevention officer/DGSA dangerous goods safety advisor.


– our vehicle fleet is young, and has an environmentally friendly design
– we aim to keep exposure times short
– when outside, we use water-based aerosol cans where possible
– disposal of chemicals and lead via specialized companies
– we use CR-technology (digital radiographic testing) = no use of lead and chemicals!